The Year's Most Popular Netflix Shows, Mapped

As you look back on the places you visited and the things you accomplished in 2022, don’t forget about the shows you binge-watched. This year saw the release of several new hits, as well as the conclusions of some long-running favorites. If Netflix is your streaming hub of choice, there’s a good chance you tuned in to one of the shows in the graphic below.

This map shows the most popular Netflix series from across the United States in 2022. Netflix doesn’t release conventional ratings data, so to determine the popularity of their titles analyzed Google Trends data from each state from the past year.

Wednesday was released on Netflix less than a month ago, yet already it’s topping annual searches in four states. Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and Montana are all onboard for Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of the young Addams Family member.

Dahmer is another recent release that has made a splash (and some waves), with 12 states searching for the Netflix title above all others. The most popular show on the map, Peaky Blinders, has been running since 2013. Ahead of the series finale this year, enough Netflix users watched the show to make it the most popular series in 14 states. Better Call Saul, another critically acclaimed series that wrapped up this year, was the favorite Netflix show in 11 states.

To find out what Netflix content your home state consumed in 2022, check out the full map below (or see the larger version here). And if you prefer to use your account to stream movies, here are some of the best titles on the service right now.

Map of the most popular Netflix shows in each state.