9 of the Most Valuable My Little Pony Toys From the ‘80s and ‘90s

From the Dream Castle to the original My Pretty Pony and beyond, uncover which of these sweet toys is worth the most among collectors.

1987 My Little Pony So Soft & Twinkle-Eyed Ponies Commercial | Hasbro
1987 My Little Pony So Soft & Twinkle-Eyed Ponies Commercial | Hasbro / Jemz.Archive.
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My Little Pony is one of those kid-friendly franchises that has managed to appeal to people of all ages. Whether you became a fan as a child back in the 1980s or discovered it recently by watching one of the newer films or TV shows with your child, there’s no denying its enduring charm. 

It all began in 1981 thanks to Bonnie Zacherle, who grew up wanting a pony of her own. She started out working on greeting cards, then did freelance design work for Hasbro before joining the company full time in the early 1980s. Once in-house, she focused on toy ideas that were similar to “what I would have played with as a child,” she said in a 2016 interview.

From her childhood love of ponies, My Pretty Pony—which would eventually become My Little Ponywas born. After several iterations and overcoming Hasbro’s initial resistance, the classic toy ponies we all know and love were released to the masses by 1982, making the famous brand millions over the years. 

While the original toys that Xennials played with likely won’t net you millions, they are worth a nice chunk of change now. You can expect a few hundred dollars or more, based in part upon the quality and rarity of your First Generation (G1) My Little Pony toys. Below are some of the most valuable pieces from the ’80s and early ’90s that you can resell on eBay.

Mimic Twinkle-Eyed My Little Pony, G1 Year 5 (1987) // Up to $2000

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: G1 Mimic Twinkle-Eyed My Little Pony is pictured.
Mimic's lime-green coloring might be part of why she's so valuable now. / Courtesy of heyirememberthat, eBay

Her limited production and unique appearance have given Mimic, one of the Twinkle-Eyed G1 ponies, a special place in the hearts of many My Little Pony collectors. She appeared in a season two episode called “Golden Horseshoes.” While she didn’t say much—in fact, only three lines if you’re counting—she resonated with fans everywhere. Part of what made her so special were her jeweled eyes and her parrot “cutie mark,” which is a symbol unique to each pony character located on the toy’s hindquarters.

Fans theorize that Hasbro did a limited production on the toy because of her lime-green coloring, as they weren’t sure it would appeal to girls. A Mimic pony still in its packaging recently sold for nearly $2000 on eBay—but even if you have one you’ve played with before, you could still net between $250 and $300 for parting with it.

Rapunzel My Little Pony, G1 Year 9 (1990) // Up to $1500

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: G1 Rapunzel My Little Pony pictured.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your mane. / Courtesy of linlac6, eBay

Imagine calling out for Rapunzel to throw down her locks and you get a pony’s luxurious mane instead? That may be a dream come true. During the ’90s mail-order era of Hasbro toys, the Rapunzel My Little Pony became one of the rarest finds of them all. 

With her long strawberry blonde coif and distinctive tush (which sports a princess-themed cutie mark), this toy became very coveted among collectors. One foot is bent back as if she’s mid-trot, too (this is known as the “Love Melody” pose). If you happen to have one now, you could sell it for a bundle. Potentially around $1000 to $1500, to be precise. 

My Little Pony Mommy and Baby Pony, G1 Year 9 (1990) // Up to $776

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: G1 Mommy and Baby Pony are pictured.
Their cuteness still holds up, all these years later. / Courtesy of linlac6, eBay

Another runner-up in the most valuable G1 My Little Pony contest is the Mommy and Baby Pony combo set. It comes with a baby bottle and playpen, so mommy can have a little “me” time (or at least catch up on stuff around the house). The Mommy also has an adorable cutie mark of a cartoon kitty and her child on the rump. Meanwhile, the Baby has a diaper-esque stamp on hers.

With the complete set and accessories, you could potentially receive up to $776 on eBay. Even without the accessories, pre-owned versions of this G1 combo could earn up to $280.

My Little Pony Paradise Estate, G1 Year 4 (1985) // Up to $700

Every pony needs a place to call their own, and the My Little Pony Paradise Estate delivered in every way. Although a pony was not included with this play set, there was plenty to enjoy about it otherwise, including lots of toy furniture, an outdoor patio with a fillable pool for cooling off and making neighbors envious, and a bedroom to chill out in during off hours. On the original packaging, there was even a backstory about Shady the Pony losing her magic sunglasses during a gathering and needing help to retrieve them.

Have one of your own that you want to part with? A brand-new version still inside the box can go for as much as $700 on eBay. In pre-loved condition, you can get up to $450 for this one. Certain accessories can potentially be worth up to about $50.

My Little Pony Dream Castle Play Set, G1 Year 2 and Year 7 (1983, 1989) // Up to $450

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: G1 Dream Castle Play set
The Lavender Dream Castle from 1989 is worth a bit more than the pink version from circa 1983. / Courtesy of G [&] L Forever Young, eBay

Paradise Estate wasn’t the only play set kids could enjoy back in the day. This particular castle was featured in Rescue at Midnight Castle, a 1984 animated My Little Pony TV special, which is part of why it was so popular with fans.

The first version from Year 2, circa 1983, was a pink castle and it came with Majesty and her pet dragon, Spike. There are also numerous accessories to enhance the castle experience further. The 1989 edition, released as part of the Year 7 line, is often referred to as the Lavender Dream Castle and is a bit rarer. A complete but used version of the lavender one recently earned $450 on eBay. Even the box alone is worth about $90. The original pink version is worth a bit less, but you can still get up to about $200 for it.

My Little Pony Waterfall Set With Sprinkles, G1 Year 2 (1983) // Up to about $400

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: Waterfall set with Sprinkles
Nothing like relaxing inside a toy cloud. / Courtesy of ilove80stoys, eBay

Who doesn’t like to relax under a waterfall during their downtime? This Year 2 play set featuring a little cloud, rainbow, and sun also gives ponies a fantastic place to bathe. It came with Sprinkles, a toy pegasus with a rubber duck sidekick, plus a sponge brush and comb, curlers, a towel, and bubble bath solution. Once hooked up, there was a functional little pool and shower you could use with the accessories.

If you have a complete set in good condition, you could collect about $200 or more. Or for those who happen to have the rare mail-order Sprinkles pony included, you might profit about $400

My Little Pony Sweet Scoops Pony, G1 Year 8 (1990) // Up to $350

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: Sweet Scoops G1 My Little Pony
With that mane, she's sweet and sassy. / Courtesy of wegot80stoyscheap, eBay

While not all mail-order ponies have significant resale value, Sweet Scoops ranks up there. She was released in the early ’90s with a matching charm necklace that fans could show off to their other pony-loving friends. As her name implies, she has an ice cream scoop cutie mark, showing off her love for her favorite dessert. 

If you have just the pony and she’s in good condition, you could receive up to $350 on eBay, while the charm on her necklace alone is worth as much as $100 on the site. If you happen to have both, it’s hard to say precisely how much you’ll gain, but it’s one of the rarer finds. For those who have the set in good condition, it could fetch you a pretty penny.

My Pretty Pony (1981) // Up to $300

Most valuable My Little Pony toys: My Pretty Pony is seen.
The pink version seems to be worth more among collectors than the brown version. / Courtesy of Retro TV Toys and Collectibles, eBay

Before My Little Pony became what it is today, it started as My Pretty Pony. That didn’t quite get off the ground like Hasbro and Zacherle thought it would, hence the release of unique-colored ponies with specific identities to appeal to a broader audience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still reap the rewards of being a fan of the original, which was about 10 inches tall—much bigger than future versions, which were generally 5 inches tall.

You might think the original version is the most valuable My Little Pony toy in the bunch, but shockingly, it’s not. A used Romper Room pink pony that still had its box recently went for around $300 on eBay. Versions in brown only earned previous owners about $100 or so.

My Little Pony Soft Sleepy Newborns, G1 Year 5 (1987) // Up to $200

Most Valuable My Little Pony toys: Hushabye Soft Sleepy Newborn toy pictured.
Hushabye (seen here) was one of three Soft Sleepy Newborns released during Year 5. / Courtesy of Seven by Twelve, eBay

It goes without saying that newborn anything is adorable (except for spiders, they don't count). The newborns in the My Little Pony G1 line are no exception. They were an unusual 9 inches tall, so they were similar in size to My Pretty Pony but significantly larger than the usual My Little Pony toys. Their eyes opened and closed when you tilted them or pulled their tails, and they were made of a soft cloth. You even got a pacifier with each one (aw!). 

Three models were released during Year 5: Pink Dreams, Hushabye, and Sweet Dreams. All of them generally have roughly the same resale value on eBay. If you are ready to part with your newborn My Little Pony, you could earn between $100 and $200 on eBay. 

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