Neopets and the Birth of Web 2.0

Jon Mayer
Neopets trading cards
Neopets trading cards / GavinLi (Flickr) CC 2.0

You might think of Neopets as nothing more than an internet-based Tamagotchi—a ‘90s-era web page that allowed users to care for pixelated penguins and dragons. But this seemingly simple website helped pave the way for Web 2.0, a world of thriving interactive online communities.

In our latest episode of Throwback, Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy dives into the deceptively influential history of Neopets. You'll learn about the unexpected role Scientology played in this internet phenomenon and how the site helped foster a generation of computer programmers and financial professionals.

Watch the video below to get the fascinating full story of Neopets.

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