Can You Find the Misspelled Word In This Tricky Brainteaser?

One of the words in the puzzle below is not like the others. See how long it takes you to spot the spelling error.
Can you spot the typo?
Can you spot the typo? / Lenstore
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As anyone who has accidentally typed the phrase “what the duck” knows, autocorrect and spellcheck aren’t foolproof. Spotting spelling mistakes is a useful skill even in the digital age. To put your eagle eye for proper English to the test, check out the brainteaser below.

This puzzle, shared by the UK-based contact lens retailer Lenstore, features nine columns and 21 rows of the word sight—at least that’s how it appears at first. Hidden somewhere in the lexical litany is a version of the term that’s subtly misspelled. See if you can spot it as quickly as possible.

Word-based brainteaser

According to Lenstore, having perfect vision boosts your chances of identifying the error. But even if you do have 20/20 vision, you may find yourself struggling; one in five people reportedly give up before solving the puzzle. The brainteaser becomes more confounding the longer you stare at it, so here’s a hint: The word you’re looking for is on the right side of the image.

Typos aren’t merely annoying. Throughout history, they’ve been known to cause big—and expensive—problems. In 1962, forgetting to add a single hyphen to their code caused NASA’s interplanetary probe to explode, resulting in $80 million worth of damage. Fortunately the stakes of finding the error in the image above aren’t quite as high.

Still stumped after a minute or two of searching? You can find the misspelled word in the answer key on the next page. Head here to find more tricky puzzles.