What Would 'Stranger Things' Look Like as a 1980s Anime? Watch This Fan-Made Trailer

'Stranger Things' lends itself perfectly to the '80s anime vibe.
'Stranger Things' lends itself perfectly to the '80s anime vibe. / Netflix

After a three-year absence, Stranger Things has come roaring back with its fourth season to become the most talked-about show of the year. It feels like the series has reached a new peak of popularity, with everyone on the edge of their seats to see how season 4 concludes.

The hype around the Netflix original also means it has inspired a lot of great fan-made creations along the way, including this splendid trailer for the show if it were an anime in the 1980s. Watch below:

The video above is from the YouTube channel LUMINOZ, but they didn’t actually create the trailer. It's actually the work of the animation studio Humouring the Fates, which posted the original video back in 2019 shortly after Netflix dropped the third season:

LUMINOZ pretty much just added Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” as a backing track, which is appropriate since the 1985 hit became the show’s unofficial theme song the moment (SPOILER!) everyone watched Max escape Vecna in “Dear Billy.”

The final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 are now on Netflix.