Watch Michael and Holly Annoy Darryl in These Deleted Scenes From 'The Office'

Holly Flax and Michael Scott as the anti-Jim and Pam in 'The Office.'
Holly Flax and Michael Scott as the anti-Jim and Pam in 'The Office.' / NBC

Some fans felt The Office ended too soon when the final episode aired in 2013. Fortunately, the show's official YouTube channel has been releasing a steady stream of bonus content in the years since the series finale. If you're a fan of Craig Robinson, Amy Ryan, and Steve Carell, you'll love this newly released clip featuring unused footage from season 5 of The Office.

In "Employee Transfer," Darryl (Robinson) and Michael (Carell) accompany Holly (Ryan) back to the New Hampshire branch after corporate discovers that she and Michael are having a forbidden romance. The episode features numerous instances of the couple getting on Darryl's nerves—and that was the condensed version.

This clip includes the bits that didn't make the final cut. In the deleted scenes, we see Holly and Michael at their most obnoxious and Darryl at his most exasperated. If you want to know how long two people can hold their breath while kissing, or how to play "cow surfing," check out the video below.

Even in moments when he is struggling to maintain his composure, Carell embodies Michael Scott. It's hard to believe the role he's most famous for almost went to someone else. After checking out the deleted scenes, you can watch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk audition to play Dunder Mifflin's boss here.

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