See What 5 Classic Theme Park Rides Look Like With the Lights On

Space Mountain in Walt Disney World.
Space Mountain in Walt Disney World. / Loadmaster, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0

Many theme park rides rely on clever lighting tricks to work their magic. By keeping guests in the dark, ride designers can convince them they're flying through space, sailing with pirates, or exploring prehistoric jungles. This illusion falls away the moment the lights come on. If you've never had the chance to walk through Space Mountain's scaffolding during a malfunction, you can see what that ride and other classic attractions look like in full lighting below.

Many dark rides look disappointing with their machinery exposed. In this video, the kaleidoscopic journey of Space Mountain in Walt Disney World becomes an ordinary rollercoaster ride with the lights on.

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster is another famous indoor coaster at Disney World in Florida. The main visuals of the ride are the cut-out signs and scenery, which don't look like much without a black light to make them pop.

Much of Jurassic World: the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood takes place outdoors in full daylight, but the video below is worth watching for the end section indoors. The heads of the T. rex and Indominus rex animatronics become less scary when you see the mechanical arms holding them up.

You can view lights-on ride-through videos for Universal's Revenge of the Mummy and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey below. If you prefer to preserve the magic of your favorite rides, you can see them as they were intended here.