1 Fact About Every Country in the United Nations: Part 1

Looking for your “fantasy“ coffin? Ghana’s the place to go.
Every country has their obscure fact. / kolderal / Getty
Every country has their obscure fact. / kolderal / Getty /

Did you know that Afghanistan’s national sport features men on horseback trying to drop an animal carcass into the “circle of justice”? Or that Smithsonian magazine called Chile “an astronomer’s paradise?” Maybe you knew that Ghana is the place to go for fantasy coffins that can take the shape of anything from an animal to an airplane.

On this jumbo-sized edition of The List Show, we sharing one fact about every country in the United Nations (through the letter G in this first part, because there are a lot, but part two is coming soon). We discuss mandatory chess, seriously cheap beer, and a whole lot more.

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