Movie Magic

Could you make a special effects-filled popcorn blockbuster? Test your knowledge of movie effects.

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Notorious hemophobe Alfred Hitchcock used what substance to represent blood in the shower scene in Psycho?
Cranberry Juice
Chocolate Sauce
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What was the first animated Disney movie to incorporate computer technology as a supplement to the traditional hand-drawn animation?
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
The Black Cauldron
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2004's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow made headlines for using CGI and archive footage to feature a deceased actor in a brand new role, a strategy that would also be used with Marlon Brando in Superman Returns. Who was the actor from Sky Captain?
Laurence Olivier
Orson Welles
Errol Flynn
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What movie won the 1994 Oscar for Visual Effects?
The Mask
Forrest Gump
True Lies
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What 1985 movie was the first to feature a completely CGI character?
Young Sherlock Holmes
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Frank Capra was recognized for creating a new technique for mimicking snow in It's a Wonderful Life. What had filmmakers used before?
Shredded Paper
Ice Shavings
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The things some people will do for the perfect shot. Jim Henson was placed in a watertight tank and immersed in a swamp to control a puppet in a scene from what film?
The Empire Strikes Back
The Dark Crystal
The Muppet Movie
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Cecil B. Demille produced two versions of The Ten Commandments and thus two versions of the Red Sea parting. Which of the following techniques did he not use?
Splitting a block of red Jell-O
Pouring water into a tank and reversing the film
Spilling a tank of water over a dam
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What was used for the tornado in The Wizard of Oz?
A Nylon Stocking
Actual Footage of a Tornado
A Matte Painting
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With the advent of CGI, the traditional animation strategy of stop-motion has gone out of style, but it hasn't been buried yet. Two of these movies used stop motion; which one didn't?
Corpse Bride
Chicken Little
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit