You Can Save $100 on These Top-Rated Breville Espresso Machines on Amazon

Cool latte art is just one of the perks to owning a Breville espresso machine.
Cool latte art is just one of the perks to owning a Breville espresso machine. / Breville/Amazon
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There are many ways people can get their caffeine fix in the morning, from cups of tea to carafes of drip coffee to glasses of cold brew. But for the purists, there’s nothing quite like a nice shot of silky espresso. Now you can skip the trips to your local café by getting one of Breville’s celebrated espresso makers for a sweet discount.

Through Amazon, you can get $100 off these select Breville espresso machines. First, there’s the small but mighty Bambino Plus that's marked down to $400. For a slightly larger model, you can get the Barista Express for $600, which is 14 percent off the usual $700 retail price. And if you want to go big or go home, the ultra-luxurious Barista Pro for $700, down from $800. While these devices are still expensive, deals like these on Breville products don't come around often.

Those who love espresso and want a machine similar to what baristas use at cafes will want to check out the Barista Pro. Out of all three options, it has the most bells and whistles to work with. The front of the device has an LCD screen and offers customizable settings. It has a steel conical burr grinder, which is quieter and cooler than other options. There are also 30 grind settings to choose from to get your coffee beans ready to brew. The device has a bean hopper tank that can hold up to half a pound of coffee beans next to a 67-ounce water tank. Depending on how much espresso you make in a day, these tank capacities mean you likely won't have to refill either one for at least a few weeks. The device also features a steam wand milk frother if you're looking to experiment with latte art.

Breville Barista Pro espresso machine on a kitchen countertop next to croissants, coffee cups, and herbs.
Breville Barista Pro / Breville/Amazon

If the Barista Pro seems like too many features for you to handle, the Barista Express is a step down that might be more manageable. Like the Barista Pro, this model has similar mechanics like the conical burr grinders, bean hopper size, water tank capacity, and more. Where they differ is with the controls. While the Barista Pro had an LCD screen, the Barista Express uses just single buttons, so you can easily choose which one you want and not have to overthink what you’re doing. In addition, this option only has 16 grind options and features a pressure gauge on the front.

If you’re looking for a compact espresso machine that’s easy to use and won’t take up too much counter space, the Bambino Plus is the right choice. Though bambino means child or baby in Italian, in this case, it only refers to the diminutive size of the device. It still has many of the same functions as the Barista Express, despite being pared down to the essentials. One key element missing is a built-in grinder, so you’ll likely have to buy a separate one—like this Cuisinart grinder ($75)—if you don’t already own one.

For coffee lovers, these Breville models are like the KitchenAid stand mixers of espresso makers. "This is such a great machine. It's easy to use and so fast! It's made me enjoy coffee drinks even more," one reviewer wrote of the Barista Pro. Another, who uses the Barista Express, claimed they use it daily and wrote, "this thing is also easier to maintain and requires less cleaning than other cheaper espresso machines I've tried." Meanwhile, several shoppers who have tried the Bambino Plus consider it a great choice for beginners.

Before these deals disappear, head over to Amazon to check out the Barista Pro, Barista Express, and Bambino Plus Breville espresso machines.