4 Things to Buy In June—Plus 3 Things You Should Probably Skip

Spoiler: Air conditioners aren’t at the top of the list of things to grab this month.
If you can, you should actually hold off on buying one of these for a few months.
If you can, you should actually hold off on buying one of these for a few months. / 97, E+ Collection, Getty Images
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Summer is almost here, but June sales have already dropped and are set to make the season even better. That’s because several brands offer significant price markdowns as part of their stock-clearing tactics in the middle of the year, making this a fruitful month for budget shoppers.

Late May to June can also be one of the best times for purchasing kitchenware, partly because it’s a big time for weddings, and cutlery and cookware are among the most requested items on wedding registries. If you’re looking for any last-minute bargains for recent graduates who are moving out, you may find just what you’re looking for, too.

Beyond sales, there are also a number of holidays coming up this month. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, and deals on tools and hardware could make shopping for the right present a lot easier. Not only that, but Friday, June 7 is National Donut Day, so look out for offers from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. Read on to know more about what to buy and what to skip this month.

What to Buy in June

Buy: Tools and Hardware 

Many electric drills on the shelf.
Give Dad something he'll be able to use year-round (and save big in the process). / Young777, E+ Collection, Getty Images

Power tools and hardware tend to be among the top picks for Father’s Day gifts, so it comes as no surprise that those items are heavily discounted right now.

Last year, Lowe’s offered tools for up to 35 percent off in the lead up to Father’s Day, and right now you can shop from major brands like DEWALT, Craftsmen, and Bosch and get free gifts with select purchases. Now through Sunday, June 16, you can save up to 40 percent at Bass Pro Shops on fishing, camping, and outdoor gear, all of which could be great for Dad this year.

Buy: Bras and Lingerie

Woman shopping for bras.
You could save up to 70 percent on essentials over at Victoria's Secret during the month of June. / Witthaya Prasongsin, Moment Collection, Getty Images

If your bra and underwear collection seems worse for wear these days, Victoria’s Secret semi-annual clearance sale in June is a budget-friendly way to stock up on new stuff. Whether you’re looking for lingerie sets and underwear or just some new swimwear, you can expect to save between 40 percent to 70 percent off on all kinds of essentials.

If you prefer to shop from brands that offer more inclusive sizing, Lane Bryant has a major semi-annual sale that tends to kick off in mid-June. Similarly, intimate apparel brands like Curvy Kate, and Bravissimo are offering markdowns on select bras, with cup sizes up to J and K. 

Buy: Spring Clothing 

Ties that have been organized.
Stock up spring clothes or just grab a few new ties for the collection. / IlonaBudzbon, E+ collection, Getty Images

The spring season is nearly over, and the racks are piling up with the latest summer trends. As such, you can find many light jackets and dresses in the clearance section.

Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale is one of many to check out right now, as you can snag clothes, shoes, and accessories for up to 50 percent off. Similarly, Macy’s spring clearance inventory of dresses, jackets, and other cool-looking apparel is growing by the minute. Remember to check out Brooks Brothers and JCPenney’s for sales, too. You’re sure to come across some great finds, so that come springtime next year, you won’t have to stress about what to wear. 

Buy: Skincare Products (And Candles)

Bath & Body Works products on a table.
You could find a few good last-minute Father's Day gifts, too. / Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works offers discounts throughout the year, but there are two periods where their sales reach a whole new level: post-Christmas in December and the mid-season event in June. During their semi-annual sale—which we expect could kick off around Sunday, June 9—you can expect to receive savings of up to 75 percent off.

Last year’s summer sale ran from Saturday, June 3 to Monday, July 3, with massive price drops on candles, scents, body lotions and creams, hand soaps, and other body care items. There were also periodic offers on online-only and in-store purchases. Shoppers should expect the retailer to drop comparable deals starting within the next week or so.

What Not to Buy in June

Skip: Grills 

Grilled meat, sausages and mushrooms as part of a BBQ.
Buying a new grill right before Memorial Day might be common, but the smartest time to grab one is in the fall. / Maryna Terletska, Moment Collection, Getty Images

According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, the most popular day for purchasing new grills is the Sunday preceding Memorial Day. However, if you missed your chance to buy a new grill in May, we suggest holding off on those plans for a while.

Surge pricing typically happens whenever demand for a product increases, and this is especially true for seasonal items like grills. Prices generally get lower after the Fourth of July, but they still aren’t great. In fact, the best time to buy a grill is when colder weather sets in, usually around September. While grills are one of the top picks for gifting ideas for Father’s Day, we’d suggest picking up tools or other thoughtful gadgets instead. Otherwise, you could end spending an arm and a leg.

Skip: Air Conditioners 

Man installing and cleaning air conditioner.
You'll get a better deal on AC units if you wait until after Labor Day. / bymuratdeniz, E+ Collection, Getty Images

Just like with grills, air conditioners are one of those seasonal items you really ought to avoid buying in the summertime (unless you absolutely have to). You’ll be hard-pressed to find any good deals until early fall, when demand for AC units starts to drop.

But that being said, it could be well worth the wait, as manufacturers tend to sell their units for significantly lower prices during the fall months. This is because during the final quarter of the year, Halloween, Black Friday, and holiday sales come into play. All that seasonal inventory takes up a lot of space, so retailers are usually keen to clear shelf space by selling off whatever leftover summer products they've got at steep discounts.

Skip: Mattresses 

A couple shopping for beds.
Need a new bed? Tough it out until Labor Day—the sales will make it worthwhile. / Tanya Constantine, Tetra Images Collection, Getty Images

There were several fantastic deals on mattresses in May, thanks to Memorial Day sales. While you may have missed the bus, fear not—another major sales tentpole is just a month away. During the Fourth of July weekend, you can expect great bargains on a range of bedding products, including cozy mattresses. (However, September tends to be the best time to buy mattresses because of Labor Day, so if you can wait it out until then, it’s all the better.)

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