Credit Where Credit Is Due

It’s always such a wonderful surprise when a film’s opening credits are interesting and fun to watch.

The picture above is from one of my favorite opening title sequences. Can you name the film? What is your favorite opening title sequence?


Science Explains: How to Get That Song Out of Your Head

Yes, that person will call you, maybe. But everyone around you wants to stop hearing you sing about it.


The Al Pacino Acting School

It involves a lot of yelling. Warning: This video contain a lot of NSFW language.


Hungry For Something Hip?

Check out the trendy foods flowchart.


This Week’s Illusion

I realized that I have been including a lot of illusions lately in the links. That wasn’t intentional, I just keep happening upon cool mind-melting tricks like this one.


I Need Some Reader Confirmation

Is this Walt Disney World rumor true?