The Extinction of Teachers

A long-time teacher named Gerald Conti has resigned from the profession he loves and made the claim that it no longer exists. Certainly a lot to think about in his resignation letter. I’d love to hear what the teachers out there think.


The Biopic That Puts the i in Inaccurate

Inside iSteve, the Steve Jobs biopic created by Funny or Die.


The Internet

In poster form, at last.


The Countdown Begins

Stephen Hawking has given mankind 1000 years to flee Earth.


From Jackie to John

In 1963, Jackie Robinson sent this telegram to JFK asking him to protect Martin Luther King.


People Always Say “Don’t Despair”

You hardly ever hear people encouraging you to despair. This website does.


RIP: Jonathan WInters

One of the comedy greats passed away today. Here is a great video of him roasting Johnny Carson.