Why You’re A Loser

Not in life, just in playing the lottery. Here are some reasons you can’t win.


Under the Sea

The city of Heracleion, lost more than 1200 years ago under the Mediterranean Sea, is now being uncovered.


The Duration of Starvation

How long can a human survive a hunger strike?


Science Explains: The Nutrition of Boogers

One scientist thinks eating them may be good for you. Yeah, I’m sure THAT’S why you’ve been doing that. Yes you. You know who I’m talking about.


Take A Bite of This

Beloved comedian and Hot Pockets enthusiast Jim Gaffigan has a new book coming out. Check out an excerpt of Fat Dad.


Don’t Text & Walk

I lived in New York City for about seven months once. And in that time I leisurely stepped off a curb and was almost flattened by a taxi probably 25 times. A lot of those were because I was looking down at my phone, iPod, etc. What I needed was a Seeing Eye Person.