The Odd March of the Peabody Ducks

The Peabody Hotel has five permanent residents that get the red carpet treatment every single day. And they’re ducks.


Happy Birthday, Robert Zimmerman

You probably know him better as Bob Dylan. Here’s an interactive map of his many geography-based songs.


I Know It Was You, Buster

The Bluth and the Corleone families are both involved in criminal enterprise and are taken over by a son named Michael. So it stands to reason that they’d get a brilliant mashup like this.


Springfield, Florida

Take a look at a preview image of the new Simpsons theme park opening this summer.


Science Explains: How to Stop Being A Jerk

Of course, if you’re a jerk you’ll probably just make fun of this study and anyone that buys into it. There’s the rub.


Disorder in the Court

People often cite the McDonald’s hot coffee case as the grand example of frivilous lawsuits. Well, these are much better examples to use going forward.


You’ll Flip For This

Check out the world record for most backflips on a pogo stick.