Start Walkin’

After last night’s death-defying stunt you no doubt want to become a high wire walker. Here’s how to setup a slackline in your backyard.

Or, if you can’t get enough of wire walking, but you don’t have a deathwish, just look at these.


The Doctor Is In...

Gotham. And Metropolis. And inside the minds of these superheroes.


Gweek-Out On This

Author, dictionary reader, Bible literal follower, and mental_floss contributor AJ Jacobs is the guest on this episode of Gweek.


We’re Falling Behind the Rest of the World...

In DVR technology.


How Did He Get In?

How did Donald Duck get into the U.S. Army? He’s flat-footed. And a duck.


My Brain Thinks You’re A Bunch of Liars

I can’t make myself understand this is a single photograph, even after it’s explained.


Better Late Than Never?

On this day in 1997, the U.S. government released a report of the events in Roswell. It only took them five decades.