What’s the Difference Between Wights and White Walkers in Game of Thrones?


For the past seven seasons, Game of Thrones has brought fans action-packed, cinematically pleasing scenes on television. The battles, the drama, and the terror have all contributed to making the series one of the most successful shows in television history. But with a show this complex, many might get stuck with the details from time to time, especially regarding the types of creatures in the series. We all know Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons and the direwolves, but what about the difference between the terrifying White Walkers and the wights? Here’s a rundown of what makes them different.

The White Walkers are the skeletal soldiers that the Night King commands. They were created by the Children of the Forest thousands of years ago as a way of creating an army that would protect them against the First Men, who were cutting down the forest. But the scary creatures eventually broke free, and became one of the biggest threats in Westeros.

White Walkers look somewhat similar to humans, because they are their descendants, but they’ve lost all humanity. They have long white hair, sometimes a white beard, and glowing blue eyes. They’re very tall and have greyish-white skin which could be compared to a mummy. Dragonglass and Valyrian steel are the White Walkers’s biggest threats: they will die if they’re struck by them.

On the other hand, wights are simply the products of White Walkers, who have the ability to resurrect the dead and turn them into wights. These creatures are especially creepy, because they’re pretty much the zombies of the dead—they take on the appearance of the person when he or she died. Their purpose is to serve the White Walkers and act as their minions. Stories claim only White Walkers can create wights. And the only way to kill a wight is to burn them. It’s believed they can survive anything else, even beheading.

The Night King is expected to be the biggest problem in the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones, as Jon Snow and Daenerys try to figure out how he’ll be defeated. And since Vladimír Furdík, the actor behind the Night King, has confirmed that his character is after one person specifically, we suspect it won’t be an easy task. We’ll face the undead creatures once again when the show returns this Sunday.

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Looking to Downsize? You Can Buy a 5-Room DIY Cabin on Amazon for Less Than $33,000

Five rooms of one's own.
Five rooms of one's own.

If you’ve already mastered DIY houses for birds and dogs, maybe it’s time you built one for yourself.

As Simplemost reports, there are a number of house kits that you can order on Amazon, and the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit is one of the quaintest—and, at $32,990, most affordable—options. The 540-square-foot structure has enough space for a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a sitting room—and there’s an additional 218-square-foot loft with the potential to be the coziest reading nook of all time.

You can opt for three larger rooms if you're willing to skip the kitchen and bathroom.Allwood/Amazon

The construction process might not be a great idea for someone who’s never picked up a hammer, but you don’t need an architectural degree to tackle it. Step-by-step instructions and all materials are included, so it’s a little like a high-level IKEA project. According to the Amazon listing, it takes two adults about a week to complete. Since the Nordic wood walls are reinforced with steel rods, the house can withstand winds up to 120 mph, and you can pay an extra $1000 to upgrade from double-glass windows and doors to triple-glass for added fortification.

Sadly, the cool ceiling lamp is not included.Allwood/Amazon

Though everything you need for the shell of the house comes in the kit, you will need to purchase whatever goes inside it: toilet, shower, sink, stove, insulation, and all other furnishings. You can also customize the blueprint to fit your own plans for the space; maybe, for example, you’re going to use the house as a small event venue, and you’d rather have two or three large, airy rooms and no kitchen or bedroom.

Intrigued? Find out more here.

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Miss the Arcade? This Retro Arcade Cabinet Brings Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga to Your Home


It's hard to find a video game character more iconic than Pac-Man, but his female counterpart gave him a run for his money when she debuted in 1982. Now, Ms. Pac-Man is available to purchase as a retro arcade cabinet taken straight from the golden age of gaming.

The arcade cabinet, which is selling on Amazon for $3300, combines Ms. Pac-Man with the classic space shooter game Galaga. The hardware also includes the hidden bonus games Pac-Man, Speedy Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga.

Playing Ms. Pac-Man on the cabinet at home feels just like playing in a real arcade. The joystick and buttons that players remember have been faithfully recreated. There's even a coin slot like you'd find in the real game, but this one has been deactivated so you can chase your high score for hours without stocking up on change. The side panel is decorated with the original Ms. Pac-Man artwork, making the cabinet an eye-catching piece of home decor even when you're not using it.

If you have space in your basement, rec room, or any room in your house for a 5.6-foot-tall arcade cabinet, you can order the product from Amazon today with free shipping. If you're looking for a more low-key way to celebrate your love of Pac-Man, Monopoly recently released a special Pac-Man edition game complete with a miniature arcade cabinet.

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