The Most Popular Baby Names of 2021, So Far

There's a good chance his name is Silas, Atticus, or Arlo.
There's a good chance his name is Silas, Atticus, or Arlo. / Image Source/iStock via Getty Images

Choosing a unique baby name is a tricky task—especially when so many parents have the same idea. As many common names have fallen out of fashion, formerly obscure monikers have taken their place on the list of the most popular baby names. Though these names are still distinct among adults, they may be overrepresented in Generation Alpha classrooms in years to come.

Nameberry compiled this list of the top names for 2021 based on user data. In the United States, Luna is the No.1 girls' name, beating Maeve and Aurora for the top spot. Retro names are a theme on the list of the top five boys' names in the U.S. After Silas, Atticus and Arlo round out the top three.

Nameberry also looked at name trends around the world. Luna has the rare distinction of being popular across the globe. In addition to the U.S., the name ranks No.1 on girls' lists in the UK, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, and Brazil.

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The ranking indicates which names are currently popular with visitors to the site—not necessarily which names parents are choosing for their babies in real life. The list below isn't official, but it may predict future naming trends. While the Social Security Administration only releases baby-naming data once a year, Nameberry can gauge popularity shifts in real-time throughout 2021.

You can see the lists of the United States' favorite boys' and girls' names for the year so far below. For comparison, here are the top baby names from 2020.

Girls' Names

  1. Luna

  2. Maeve

  3. Aurora

  4. Isla

  5. Aurelia

Boys' Names

  1. Silas

  2. Atticus

  3. Arlo

  4. Theodore

  5. Finn