Everything You Need to Know About the Puppuccino, Starbucks’s Secret Menu Item for Dogs

If you're craving Starbucks, they're craving Starbucks. Bring them to Starbucks.
If you're craving Starbucks, they're craving Starbucks. Bring them to Starbucks. / Thirteen .J, Unsplash

For several years now, dogs have delighted in accompanying their humans on a Starbucks run and leaving with a drink of their own: the Puppuccino. Though it’s stayed on the secret menu thus far, Starbucks may be planning to make it more official soon; in May 2021, the company filed to trademark the term Puppuccino in conjunction with “pet bandanas.”

While you’re waiting for Puppuccino-themed pet bandanas to hit the market, here’s everything you need to know about the beverage.

What Is a Puppuccino?

Despite its fancy name, a Puppuccino is arguably the plainest item on Starbucks’s secret menu: It’s just sweetened whipped cream in a cup. The amount of whipped cream is up to the barista, but Puppuccinos often come in small or espresso-sized cups.

How Much Does a Starbucks Puppuccino Cost?

Puppuccinos are free, though it’s not great form to waltz into a café and ask for a freebie without ordering anything else. If you don’t plan on getting yourself a treat, too, at least leave a tip.

How Do I Order a Puppuccino?

Since the Puppuccino is technically a secret menu item, you won’t find it in the app. You can order it at the counter or drive-through window (and if you don’t want to ask for a “Puppuccino,” you can always just request an espresso cup of whipped cream for your dog).

Are Puppuccinos Really Safe for Dogs?

Most dogs can safely enjoy a few dollops of whipped cream. But if your dog has digestive issues or isn’t usually able to stomach dairy, you should skip the Puppuccino. And if you’ve never given them dairy before, it’s not a bad idea to check with your veterinarian before doing so.