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11 NASA Inventions We Use Every Day

Ellen Gutoskey
OK fine, maybe you don't use this every day.
OK fine, maybe you don't use this every day. / Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Even if you’re not an astronomy enthusiast, you probably think about NASA at least occasionally—e.g. whenever the organization rockets some people into space, lands a rover on Mars, or gets featured in yet another Hollywood blockbuster like Apollo 13 (1995) or Hidden Figures (2016).

But whether or not NASA is constantly on your mind, a few of its inventions might be on your person and/or in your house even as you read this. In this episode of The List Show, Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy is revealing which ones.

Black + Decker originally created your handy Dustbuster, for example, at NASA’s behest: Astronauts needed something lightweight and internally powered to more easily retrieve core samples from the moon. And while you might take your eyeglasses’ scratch-resistance for granted, you should really be thanking NASA for that, too.

Press play below to find out what else you should be thanking NASA for, from memory foam to smartphone cameras.

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