Save Your Knees While Tending Your Garden With Amazon’s Best-Selling Foldable Stool That’s Now On Sale

Garden Kneeler and Stool
Garden Kneeler and Stool / Abco Tech/Amazon
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It's officially spring, even if your backyard hasn’t realized it. You'll need the right equipment to take care of your flower beds, vegetable patch, and lawn properly. One of Amazon’s best-selling gardening stools is now on sale, so you can save your back, knees, and money this spring gardening season.

You can get your hands on the Abco Tech Garden Kneeler and Stool for $47, a 33 percent discount that saves you $23. It’s foldable and can transform from a stool into a kneeler to help make gardening experience less of a strain on your body.

Person sitting on an Abco Tech Garden Kneeler and Stool from Amazon tending to their garden.
Garden Kneeler and Stool / Abco Tech/Amazon

The Garden Kneeler and Stool has a steel frame with legs that can hold up to 300 pounds. It comes with a side tool pouch and gardening gloves that feature digging tips. The double-sided seat and kneeling pad is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, which acts as a cushion and prevents grass stains and dirt smudges. This copolymer foam is used for many purposes, such as in cosplay costumes, bicycle seats, and fishing rods.

To convert the 6.49-pound device from a stool into a kneeling position, all you have to do is flip it upside down. Then, when you’re through with gardening for the day, you can fold it up in seconds.

This gardening must-have has over 5000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, with customers boasting about their love of this device. One person who’s had a knee replacement and suffers from severe lower back arthritis found this device particularly handy. “I love gardening and could not do most of my planting and weeding without this handy little bench,” the customer wrote. Many people have even found the stool helpful in other situations like getting out of bed, working on home improvement projects, and exercising. “[This stool is p]erfect for an old guy like me to use in the garden but also for help getting up from mat exercises without any other support around,” the reviewer wrote.

Head over to Amazon to score this amazing deal ahead of the gardening season.