These 10 Supermarket Chains Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Chris Whitehead/Royalty-free/Getty Images

With grocery prices hitting record highs, a weekly trip to the supermarket can feel extravagant. Shoppers have been forced to forgo certain purchases in light of inflation, but grocery lists are hard to compromise. Instead of subsisting on canned goods until prices drop, try shopping at one of the best value grocery stores in the U.S. 

To compile the list below, the retail data analysts at dunnhumby asked 10,000 American shoppers how they felt about the 63 largest grocery brands in the U.S. They also looked at the financial data for each company.

According to their annual Retailer Preference Index, the country’s top supermarket is H-E-B. Though its U.S. locations are limited to Texas, it managed to beat out larger chains like Costco, which takes second place. Excellent quality, affordability, and convenience were some of the factors that elevated it to the top spot.

Amazon ranks third on the list. Though shoppers may not think of it as a supermarket company first, the online retailer has pushed to make groceries a major part of its brand. It ranks above Wegmans, Sam’s Club, and Market Basket. Trader Joe’s, which has made affordability a major part of its branding, comes in eighth place. 

You can view the full ranking below. If you’re already shopping at one of these supermarkets, use these tips to stretch your dollar even further at the register.

10 Best Value Supermarket Chains in the U.S.

  1. H-E-B
  2. Costco
  3. Amazon
  4. Wegmans
  5. Sam’s Club
  6. Market Basket
  7. Amazon Fresh
  8. Trader Joe's
  9. Winco
  10. BJ’s Wholesale