Enjoy a Venison Scotch Egg and Other British Delicacies at London's Only Michelin-Starred Pub

Sunday roast at The Harwood Arms.
Sunday roast at The Harwood Arms. / Ungry Young Man via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

The restaurants that boast a Michelin star are more diverse than you might assume. The coveted accolade has been awarded to establishments around the world, ranging from fine dining restaurants to street food vendors. If you're craving a specific cuisine, you can likely find at least one Michelin eatery that serves it. Even London's humble pub fare has been recognized by the institution.

The Harwood Arms is the only Michelin-starred pub in Britain's capital city. Located in upmarket Fulham, the business has been operating in some capacity for roughly 200 years. It resembles a standard pub in many ways, with a coat of arms hanging from the exterior and game trophies mounted on the walls. London's pub tradition is also reflected in the menu. Diners can order venison Scotch eggs, beef tongue, and a full roast on Sundays. And of course, the restaurant offers Guinness on tap in addition to an extensive wine selection [PDF].

Exterior of The Hardwood Arms pub in London.
The Hardwood Arms pub in London. / Ewan Munro via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Though it pays tribute to its roots, The Harwood Arms isn't the same establishment today it was a century ago. After closing for refurbishment, it reopened in 2008 with a new approach to pub food. Dishes are built around local, high-quality ingredients, like game meat supplied by the owners and produce grown in the building's rooftop garden. And though Sunday roast is easy to find in London, it usually isn't made with 45-day-aged sirloin or Iberico pork as it is at The Harwood Arms [PDF].

A meal at the restaurant is much pricier than your average happy hour. The pre-fixe three-course menu costs $65, plus an automatic 12.5 percent tip added to all bills. If you trust the Michelin Guide's authority, its one-star rating means the restaurant is "worth a stop" on your next London excursion. You can take a peek at the pub's menu and its interior in the video below from Culture Trip.