Watch ‘The Sopranos’ Star James Gandolfini Visit ‘Sesame Street’ to Share Three Things That Scare Him

Matthew Peyton/GettyImages

Sesame Street is made for preschool-age viewers, but some guest stars are more entertaining for the parents. Kids likely didn’t recognize James Gandolfini from his role as ruthless mobster Tony Soprano when he appeared on the program in 2002. Even if he wasn’t playing to his fanbase, the actor managed to give a memorable performance.

In this clip from Sesame Street, the Sopranos star comforts Zoe the Muppet when she gets scared. To make her feel better, he shares his three biggest fears: haircuts, the dark, and giant talking vegetables. That last one especially would have given Dr. Melfi a lot to chew on.

This short segment proves that James Gandolfini was just as capable of acting vulnerable as he was at being menacing. It’s no wonder that he received three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe during his run as Tony Soprano.

Gandolfini wasn’t the only Sesame Street guest star who’s more famous with adults than kids. After watching the video below, check out this blooper that shows Julia Louis-Dreyfus cursing in front of Elmo.

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