Nudist Events Company Hosts a Naked Pub Meet-Up in England

Enjoy a pint without pants.
Enjoy a pint without pants. / FreshSplash/iStock via Getty Images

For most self-proclaimed naturists, nude resorts and beaches are the only places they can be their most authentic selves outside the home. A new events company based in the UK aims to push the bounds of public nudity to spaces previously reserved for the clothed. As Food & Wine reports, Nothing On Events hosted its inaugural event at a pub on March 26, and it plans to organize similar gatherings in the coming months.

Nothing On hosts tours, dinners, and classes, but unlike similar companies, it doesn't require its guests to get dressed. By signing up for an event, nudists can meet like-minded people in a setting they normally wouldn't be allowed to enter in their au naturel state.

"We want to provide more opportunities for seasoned naturists to do what everybody else takes for granted, except doing it in the nude," Nothing On Events founder Adam Ford told the Daily Star.

For their first event, naturists met at The Royal Oak pub outside of Guildford in Surrey. Nude dining has been done before by different groups, but Nothing On's drinking event allowed participants to socialize in a truly relaxed environment. The company also plans to host more formal dinners at restaurants like Pretty Things in Horsham, West Sussex, and The Boathouse in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Not every meet-up will be centered around food and drink: Other events scheduled for the spring and summer include art classes and a tour of the Silent Pool Gin Distillery in Albury, Surrey.

Socializing naked isn't that different from socializing clothed, but embracing nudity does raise some interesting etiquette questions. Here are some rules to keep in mind if you ever find yourself at a nudist resort.

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