The ’90s Called Pizza Hut, and They’re Bringing the Big New Yorker Pizza Back

Get ready for a nostalgic feast.
Get ready for a nostalgic feast. / Pizza Hut

The end of the 20th century was an era of innovation for Pizza Hut. Some experiments, like the lasagna-like Priazzo, were quickly forgotten, while offerings like stuffed crust pizza became cult classics. As Food & Wine reports, the chain is reviving one menu item from the 1990s that fans have been demanding: The Big New Yorker.

Pizza Hut debuted The Big New Yorker in 1999. Measuring 16 inches across, the pie is 30 percent bigger than the restaurant’s standard large pizza. The shareable dish takes inspiration from the classic to-go pies found in New York pizzerias. It’s made with sweet marinara sauce, and the floppy slices are engineered to be folded in half like authentic New York-style pizza. If you don’t have retro glass shakers filled with grated cheese and herbs at home, don’t worry—each pie comes with a Parmesan oregano seasoning baked in.

Though it had its fans, The Big New Yorker wasn’t popular enough to earn a permanent place on Pizza Hut’s menu. The product has been discontinued for two decades, but it hasn’t been forgotten. A petition on has received more than 3500 signatures urging the pizza’s return.

This year, those customers will finally get what they want. Pizza Hit is reinstating the pie to menus nationwide on February 1, 2023—just in time for the Super Bowl on February 12. While Pizza Hut hasn’t given an end date for the promotion, The Big New Yorker will be available only for a limited time, so pick one up while you can. Here are some facts about Pizza Hut to digest in the meantime.

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