200 Random Facts Presented Without Context

Can you guess the facts based on these context-less images?
Can you guess the facts based on these context-less images? / (ZZ Top) Brian Rasic/Getty Images; (Giraffes) Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; (‘Red Vineyard’) Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain; (Gateway Arch) Davel5957/Getty Images; (Wife-Carrying Race) Timo Harktikainen/Getty Images

Almonds and peaches are in the same genus. We could talk about what genus that is, what other foods belong to it, and maybe even the history of its discovery. But on this episode of The List Show, we’re not going to. 

Join Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy as she shares 200 facts as random as they are fascinating. Each is presented completely without context—because sometimes, you’d rather just process a bite-sized piece of information without learning every detail behind it. 

A Double Stuf Oreo isn’t truly double-stuffed: It contains just 1.86 times as much creme filling as a regular Oreo. Sharks are older than trees. When the inventor of the Pringles can died, some of his ashes were buried in one. Vincent van Gogh only sold a single painting (that we know of) while he was alive.

By the end of the video below, you’ll have transformed into a walking, talking Amazing Fact Generator.

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