This App Will Help You Find the Perfect Camping Spot This Summer

Finding the ideal campsite is easier than you think.
Finding the ideal campsite is easier than you think. / Patchareeporn Sakoolchai/Moment/Getty Images

Camping trips are supposed to put your mind at ease, but planning them tends to do the opposite. Before packing, traveling, and pitching your tent, you have to complete the stressful task of reserving your campsite. This process can be daunting for beginners, but using the right resources makes it much easier. 

The Dyrt is one of the most popular apps for finding and reserving campsites online. If you have a general area and timeframe in mind for your outdoor excursion, start by plugging that information into the search field. From there the tool will show you all the available campgrounds that meet your criteria. To find something more specific—like RV parks, dispersed sites off the beaten path, or established sites with amenities—you can apply a number of filters to your search. The Dyrt lets you look for sites by price, rating, and air quality as well. 

While the app is free to use, there's also a premium version available for $36 a year. With The Dyrt PRO, users get access to exclusive reservations at sold-out campgrounds, a list of 5000 free camping locations, discounts on sites, and zero fees when they book through the app. If campers feel like testing out the plan for the 2023 camping season, they can sign up for a seven-day free trial here

Like many things in life, planning a camping trip gets easier the more you do it. Many of the best hidden gem campsites are found by stumbling upon them in the wild or by talking to your fellow outdoors enthusiasts. Until you have a go-to spot you can return to year after year, there are plenty of online resources at your disposal. Check out these rad RV spots across the country if you prefer to do your camping on four wheels.