Crazy Uncle DARPA

You remember Q—the lab-coated scientist who’s always giving James Bond new gadgets, like explosive fountain pens. The U.S. Military’s version of Q is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. The unmanned Predator aircraft is just one of the many remarkable—and sometimes kooky—innovations dreamt up by DARPA engineers. See if you can distinguish the actual DARPA projects among those listed below.

(And don't get too caught up in the photos. They're mostly just for show.)

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Robotic pack animal
DARPA project
Personal assistant for the elderly
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Therapy that uses estrogen to prevent blood loss
DARPA project
ER treatment for genital injuries
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11-member robot athletic squad
DARPA project
World Cup contender
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DARPA project
Evel Knievel
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An X-ray-like scope that can "see" through walls
DARPA project
Product advertised in the back of Maxim
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Spy plane that fits in a backpack
DARPA project
Hot toy for kids this holiday season
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A super-vitamin that allows you to go all day without eating
DARPA Project
A nutritional supplement available over the internet