Art of a Champion: The Ultimate Athlete Tattoo Quiz

If you’ve been thinking about buying a favorite player’s replica jersey, you might want to reconsider. Any fair-weather fan can plunk down a hundred bucks for a piece of fabric, but only the truly devoted would consider the permanent gesture of replicating a favorite player’s tattoo on their own body. Before making any (nearly) irrevocable decisions, take our quiz to find out how well you know the intersection of body art and sports.

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Which of the following phrases does Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson not have tattooed on his body?
"Money Bagz"
"Virginia Slim"
"Black Jesus"
"F.A.M.E. – F@#I? All My Enemies"
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This is the left arm of which Major League Baseball player?
Scott Spiezio
Lance Berkman
Kevin Millar
Troy Glaus
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The “Justin Miller Rule” keeps what group from sporting exposed ink?
NASCAR drivers
PGA Tour golfers
Major League Baseball pitchers
U.S. Open tennis players
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With what fellow heavily tattooed 2003 Florida Marlin did reliever Tim Spooneybarger start a two-man band called Mad Ink?
Carl Pavano
A.J. Burnett
Brad Penny
Juan Pierre
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This is Golden State Warriors swingman Stephen Jackson showing off his 2007 tattoo of praying hands holding a handgun in front of a church. When this art was done, what other tattoo did Jackson have in progress?
Full-back ink of The Creation of Adam with himself as Adam
Full-back ink of himself as the Incredible Hulk
Full-back ink of the jack of diamonds with himself as the jack
Full-back ink of himself as Tony Montana from Scarface
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Who is the proud owner of this tattoo?
Mike Alstott
Jason Giambi
Kyle Turley
Barry Zito
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Which person is not tattooed anywhere on Mike Tyson's body?
Mao Zedong
Arthur Ashe
Che Guevara
Malcolm X
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Which of the following languages is not used in an inscription somewhere on David Beckham's body?
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What NBA player became the defendant in a lawsuit over his tattoo?
Kenyon Martin
Rasheed Wallace
Jason Williams
Carmelo Anthony
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To whose leg does this Fidel Castro tattoo belong?
Diego Maradona
Ivan Rodriguez
Mike Lowell
Marco Materazzi