The Celeb Birth Name Quiz

In the case of these 10 celebrities, the name you know them by is NOT the name they were born with. Will the real Bono please stand up?! Pick the birth name that is closest to correct.

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John Paul Jones
Paul David Hewson
David Nelson O'Connor
Kevin Patrick Smith
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Winona Rider
Winona Laura Horowitz
Laura Horowitz
Laura Horwich
Winona Laura Horwich
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Nelson Cook
Nelson Rogers
Roger Prince Nelson
Prince Rogers Nelson
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Louise Ciccone
Madonna Ciccone Ritchie
Madonna Louise Ciccone
Louise Nicole Ritchie
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Muhammad Ali
Marcellus Clay
Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
Muhammad Marcellus Clay
Muhammad Cassius Marcellus Jr.
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Jon Stewart
Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
Stuart Nathaniel Goldstein
Jack Nathaniel Heitner
Jonathan Nathaniel Stuart
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Matthew Gordons
Gordon Thomas
Andy Summers
Gordon Sumner
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Alicia Keys
Alicia Martinez Vidro
Alicia Alexandra Yearling
Alicia Augello Cook
Sidney Alicia Keyes
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Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lifschitz
Raphael Epstein
Jacob Ralph Bunzl
Lauren Goldberg
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Keith Urban
Keith Mattei
Richard Levey
James Keith Mattei
Richard Keith Urbanski