Drop it Like It's Hot

Dropping out of high school has a pretty negative stigma attached to it, but it's not that uncommon among celebrities who get a taste of fame at a young age and want to get started in the business (whatever the "business" is). The game's simple: for each pairing of people, decide which one dropped out pre-diploma.

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Julie Andrews or Walt Disney?
Julie Andrews
Walt Disney
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Mr. Rogers or Ansel Adams?
Mr. Rogers
Ansel Adams
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Howard Stern or Lucille Ball?
Howard Stern
Lucille Ball
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Robert De Niro or Sylvester Stallone?
Robert De Niro
Sylvester Stallone
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Sydney Poitier or Woody Harrelson?
Sydney Poitier
Woody Harrelson
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Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson?
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
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Cher or Dan Quayle?
Dan Quayle
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Sean Connery or Harrison Ford?
James Bond
Indiana Jones
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Adam Sandler or Leonardo DiCaprio?
Adam Sandler
Leonardo DiCaprio
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H.G. Wells or John Grisham?
H.G. Wells
John Grisham