A 'Saved by the Bell' Quiz

With so much material at hand, we've had to whittle down our line of questioning to the real meat 'n' potatoes of the show. Let's see if you know enough general Saved by the Bell information to earn an honorary, mental_floss-approved degree from Bayside High.

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Only four characters from Good Morning Miss Bliss, the seminal Disney Channel television show that was revamped for NBC as Saved by the Bell, managed to survive the reincarnation process. Which of these characters was not a part of the original GMMB cast?
Principal Richard Belding
Jessica "Jessie" Myrtle Spano
Samual "Screech" Powers
Lisa Turtle
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What fictional "famous" actor comes to Bayside High School to film an anti-drug commerical, despite rampant, illicit drug use?
Joshua Ramsey Evans
Johnny Dakota
Lauren Nicole Parker
Sally Sitwell
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When Lisa gets a little crazy with her father's credit card after making the honor roll at Bayside and buys an outfit that would make Vivian Westwood swoon, what job does she take in order to earn the money to pay him back?
Waitress at The Max
Fashion designer at school
"Coolness coach"
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What did Zack score on his SATs that wowed the Yale University admissions board into an acceptance letter...despite the fact that he was a proud, C-level underachiever with negligible academic extracurricular activities and had to perform in a school ballet just to earn the final credit he needed to graduate.
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Which actor is the only one to appear in all Saved by the Bell episodes, spin-offs and movies?
Dustin Diamond
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Lark Voorhies
Elizabeth Berkley
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What was the name of the almost offensively hedonistic night club the gang hung out at in the episode where Screech made everyone fake IDs?
The Basement
The Attic
The Palace
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When Jessie, Lisa, Kelly and 8-episode-beach-club-era-add-on Stacey Carosi compete in the mid-summer beauty pageant- what official title does the winner receive?
Ms. Summer
Ms. Independence
Ms. July
Ms. Liberty
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Is Zack Morris of Native American heritage?
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Due to the shifty machinations of Zack, the girls form a singing group- which, for some unaccountable reason, involves filming a music video on a gymnasium-esque set replete with hilariously unnecessary props. The gals sing a song entitled "Go For It!" What was the name of the girls' group?
Working Girls
Hot Sundae
The Gum Drops
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When the girls catch Zack, Slater and Screech engaging in "guy stuff" (a Risky Business-esque karaoke performance) at Screech's house while his mother is away, what prized possession of hers get broken during the delightfully preposterous mimicry the girls enact in an attempt to ridicule the guys?
An Elvis statue
An expensive chandelier
A floor-to-ceiling mirror
A new television
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In an episode entitled "Pinned to the Mat", Slater (justifiably) questions the importance of wrestling and quits the Bayside team- placing them in the perilous position of losing a match against Bayside's competing high school- Valley. Screech steps up to the plate to wrestle Slater's main athletic rival...whose name is?
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Being the thoughtful, considerate and altruistic friend that he is (and irrationally concerned about Screech's inability to land a gal pal) Zack pretends to be a girl who is interested in Screech. As expected, things go humorously south when Zack learns about Screech's unexpected and puissant attraction to the girl version of himself. The whole fiasco ultimately involves dressing up in drag and going on a date with Screech. What pseudonym does Zack employ to successfully affect his unconscionably cruel charade?
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The gang's staple hangout- The Max- decides to hold a dance contest (of course). Lisa Turtle's fair-weather date dumps her after she unforgivably injures herself before the big night, forcing a kind-hearted (yet obsessed) Screech into the roll of chivalrous white knight. What classy cotillion do the the pair perform to steal the show and take the palm at the contest?
The Hobbled Hop
The Bruised Bustle
The Sprain
The Contused Charleston
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What do the initials "A.C." stand for in Mario Lopez's character A.C. Slater?
Arnold Caine
Adrian Caesar
Alberto Carlo
Albert Clifford
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What writer's collection of pop culture essays includes a chapter titled "Being Zack Morris" dissecting the series?
Dave Eggers
Chuck Klosterman
David Foster Wallace
David Israel