The Monster Mash

Today's quiz is about monsters—those who created them, those who wrote about them, those who portrayed them, and those who just were.

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Many consider George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead to be the greatest and most influential zombie movie ever created. What novel inspired Romero to make this classic?
The Last Man
The Day of The Triffids
La Guerre Des Vampires
I am Legend
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Which 1960s rock group appeared—and performed—on The Munsters?
The Turtles
The Standells
The Doors
The Animals
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Which future First Lady was photographed shaking hands with serial killer John Wayne Gacy?
Nancy Reagan
Betty Ford
Barbara Bush
Rosalynn Carter
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Which of the following creatures is not mentioned in Lewis Caroll’s classic poem “Jabberwocky”?
JubJub Bird
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What is the name of the orange-haired, sneaker-wearing monster from Bugs Bunny cartoons?
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Long before the movie—and having no connection to it at all—what children’s author wrote a book called The Gremlins?
Dr. Seuss
A.A. Milne
Robert McCloskey
Roald Dahl
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What was H.P Lovecraft’s reason for writing his gruesomely famous short story “Herbert West: Re-Animator”?
As an ode to Mary Shelley
Obsession over a dream
A bet with a fellow author
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Beowulf is filled with monsters, from Grendel to the water beasts to the Great Dragon. But for many readers, it’s a chore to slog through. What author reworked the epic poem to appeal to contemporary audiences?
Richard Bachman
Dean Koontz
Michael Crichton
Stephen King
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Greek Mythology is loaded with monsters and hideous creations, but who is considered the mother of all these monsters?
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Which group originally recorded the song "Monster Mash"?
Dr. Demento
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
Nervous Norvus
Spike Jones