Name the ACC in 1 Minute

Note: If Maine and Maine State were both ACC schools, we'd accept 'University of Maine,' but not just 'Maine.' Hint: They're not.

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Name the ACC in 1 Minute
University of North Carolina|UNC|Tar Heels|Chapel Hill|U.N.C.
NC State|North Carolina State|NC St|North Carolina St|NCState|NCSt|NC-State|NC-St|North Carolina-St|NCSU|N.C.S.U.
Wake Forest|WFU
Florida State|FSU|Florida St|Fla St
University of Virginia|UVa|U of Virginia|U of Va
University of Miami|Miami|U of Miami
Virginia Tech|Virginia Polytechnic Institute|VT|VA Tech
University of Maryland|Maryland|U of Maryland|UMD
Boston College|BC
Georgia Tech|Georgia Institute of Technology|GA Tech|