Name the Schools in the SEC in 1 Minute

Note: If Maine and Maine State were both SEC schools, we'd accept 'University of Maine' or 'Maine U,' but not just 'Maine.' Hint: They're not.

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Name the Schools in the SEC in 1 Minute
Florida|University of Florida|U of Fla|U of Florida
Georgia|UGa|University of Georgia|U of Georgia
Kentucky|University of Kentucky|U of Kentucky
South Carolina|University of South Carolina|USC|U.S.C.|U of South Carolina
Tennessee|University of Tennessee|U of Tennessee
Alabama|University of Alabama|Bama|U of Alabama
Arkansas|University of Arkansas|U of Arkansas
Louisiana St|LSU|L.S.U.
Mississippi St|Miss St|Miss. St|Miss-St|MSU|M.S.U.
University of Mississippi|Ole Miss|University of Miss|Auld Miss|Mississippi U|Old Miss|Ol Miss|Ol' Miss|U of Mississippi
Texas A&M|Texas AM|Texas A and M|Texas A & M
Missouri|University of Missouri