Name the Big 12 in 1 Minute

Note: If Maine and Maine State were both SEC schools, we'd accept 'University of Maine' or 'Maine U,' but not just 'Maine.' Hint: They're not. [Note: This quiz is from 2008 and now out of date. For an updated version, go here.]

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Name the Big 12 in 1 Minute
Colorado|University of Colorado|U of Colorado
Iowa St|ISU
Kansas St|K State
University of Kansas|Kansas U|U of Kansas
Missouri|University of Missouri|Mizzou|U of Missouri
Nebraska|University of Nebraska|U of Nebraska
University of Oklahoma|Oklahoma U|OU|U of Oklahoma
Oklahoma St|OSU
University of Texas|Texas U|Texas-Austin|UT-Austin|UT - Austin|U of Texas
Texas A&M|A&M|Texas A and M|Texas A & M|Texas AM
Texas Tech