Name the Pac 10 in 1 Minute

Note: If Maine and Maine State were both Pac 10 schools, we'd accept 'University of Maine' or 'Maine U,' but not just 'Maine.' Hint: They're not.

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Name the Pac 10 in 1 Minute
University of Arizona|Arizona U|U. of Arizona|U of Arizona|U Arizona|U. Arizona
Arizona St|ASU|A.S.U.
Cal|University of Cal|Berkeley|UCB|U.C.B.
University of Oregon|Oregon U|U. of Oregon|U of Oregon|U Oregon|U. Oregon
Oregon St|OSU|O.S.U.
UCLA|University of California at Los Angeles|University of California Los Angeles|University of California-Los Angeles|U.C.L.A.
USC|Southern Cal|University of Southern Cal|U.S.C.
University of Washington|U Washington|Washington U|U. Washington|U. of Washington|U of Washington
Washington St|WSU|W.S.U.