Look, up in the sky!

Today’s quiz tests your mastery of all things really tall. Well, not all things. Just buildings. Let’s see how well you know your skyscrapers.

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In what city will you find the Petronas Towers, until 2004 the tallest buildings in the world?
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
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What company commissioned this New York skyscraper, at 390 Park Avenue, considered one of the city’s most important for its sleek looks and pioneering curtain wall?
Lever Bros.
Proctor & Gamble
Bear Stearns
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Seattle’s Space Needle was built for what year’s World’s Fair?
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What writer allegedly liked to eat his lunch in a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower’s base so he wouldn’t have to look at the structure?
Gustave Flaubert
Victor Hugo
Marcel Proust
Guy de Maupassant
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What architect designed the Wainwright Building in St. Louis, the Carson Pirie Scott department store in Chicago and the Guaranty Building in Buffaki, and is considered by many experts the father of the modern skyscraper?
Daniel Burnham
Frank Lloyd Wright
Louis Sullivan
Gordon Bunshaft
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What natural formation gave this 1893 Chicago building, one of the earliest skyscrapers, its name?
Pikes Peak
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Fox Plaza is the setting for what movie?
The Towering Inferno
An Affair to Remember
King Kong
Die Hard
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In what U.S. city will you find this skyscraper?
San Francisco
Los Angeles
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What skyscraper is located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street in Manhattan?
Chrysler Building
Citicorp Plaza
Empire State Building
GE Building
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This skyscraper is the tallest building in the United States outside of New York and Chicago. Where is it located?
Los Angeles