Name the 1992 Dream Team

Four years after a disappointing third-place finish in the 1988 Olympics, the U.S. sent the pros to Barcelona. The Dream Team sleep-dribbled to the Gold Medal, winning by an average of 43.8 points. Coach Chuck Daly didn't use a single timeout. Sixteen years later, can you name the twelve players on the roster? Last names will do. You've got two minutes.

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Name the 1992 Dream Team
Charles Barkley|Barkley
Larry Bird|Bird
Clyde Drexler|Drexler
Patrick Ewing|Pat Ewing|Ewing
Magic Johnson|Earvin Johnson|Earvin "Magic" Johnson|Johnson|Earvin Magic Johnson|"Magic" Johnson
Michael Jordan|Jordan
Christian Laettner|Laettner
Karl Malone|Malone
Chris Mullin|Mullin
Scottie Pippen|Pippen|Scotty Pippen
David Robinson|Robinson|Dave Robinson
John Stockton|Stockton