'80s Sitcom Potpourri

The 1980s represented the Golden Age of Sitcoms. All the major networks complied an impressive alignment of programs in an effort to attract the attention of viewers nationwide. Take our quiz and find out how well you responded to the relentless advertising machine driven by sitcom-saturated network television in the '80s.

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In The Greatest American Hero, high school teacher Ralph Hinkley was given the ability to fly courtesy of...?
An alien-provided "superhero" suit
Exposure to space-generated gamma rays
Preternatural genetic predisposition
A potable, experimental chemical concoction
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What secret was the Lawson family on Small Wonder admirably able to keep from their daughter from 1985-1989?
She was an alien
She was a robot
She was adopted
She was the only human in an all-robot family
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Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs first mesmerized audiences in 1984 on Miami Vice and helped to usher in the modern era of dominating crime-drama television programming. What was Tubbs doing in Miami during the pilot episode that led to their partnership?
Dealing drugs
Attending Vice training
Carrying out a personal vandetta
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Can you name the Keaton family's goofball neighbor on Family Ties?
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What time-consuming job did Angela Bower maintain on Who's The Boss?, which forced her to hire a live-in housekeeper/ex-ballplayer from Brooklyn named Tony Micelli?
Corporate lawyer
Advertising executive
Investment banker
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What ancestral island in the Mediterranean Sea did Larry Appleton's distant cousin Balki Bartokomous come from and constantly refer to in Perfect Strangers?
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What was the name of the rival bar on Cheers?
Gary's Olde Towne Tavern
Colcord's Brewery
The Bull & Finch Pub
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What is Lynn Aloysius Belvedere's ulterior motive for taking care of the Owens family on Mr. Belvedere?
MI-5 spy alias
Witness protection program
Gathering material for a novel
Avoiding a despotic wife
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Both Michael Knight and K.I.T.T had "evil" alter-egos relentlessly pursuing them in Knight Rider...what were their names?
Devon Knight and RC3
Cornelius Knight and Goliath
Butcher Knight and K.O.P.P
Garthe Knight and K.A.R.R.
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Which actor went on to box office stardom after moving in with the Seaver family and stealing the spotlight with his recurring role in the latter seasons of Growing Pains?
Jake Gyllenhaal
Josh Hartnett
Ryan Phillippe
Leonardo DiCarprio
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What was B.A. Baracus' Achilles heel in The A-Team?
Fear of flying
Fear of the dark
Fear of fire
Fear of spiders
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On the sitcom Bosom Buddies, Kip Wilson (Tom Hanks) and Henry Desmond (Peter Scolari) utilized which two aliases in order to occupy an all-woman's hotel after their apartment was condemned and razed...leaving them with no place to live?
Beatrice and Hillary
Gertrude and Estelle
Buffy and Hildegard
Rue and Alexis
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From which planet was ALF?
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Which of the following serialized 80s dramas marketed the show with the tagline "Too Cool For School"?
21 Jump Street
Head of the Class
Saved by the Bell
A Different World
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When Rick Schroder portrayed Ricky Stratton—a millionaire's son—on the sitcom Silver Spoons, what strangely out-of-place accoutrement lent the mansion its charm?
A skating rink
A train
An enormous indoor pool complete with a high-dive
A talking dog
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What was the name of Arnold Jackson's bullying nemesis on Diff'ent Strokes?
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In which Florida city did quasi-dowager blue-hairs Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia live on The Golden Girls ?
Fort Lauderdale
Boca Raton
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Which of these actresses was dropped from the cast of The Facts of Life after the dramatic retooling that followed the show's first season?
Molly Ringwald
Demi Moore
Ally Sheedy
Jennifer Jason Leigh
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What astoundingly short-lived, ineptly conceived television "drama" is roundly considered to be the single biggest television flop in history?
Hot Cops
Cop Dance
Cop Rock
Guns and Voices
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In which borough of New York City did the Huxtable clan live?