Name the NFL's Last 22 #1 Picks

How many #1 overall picks can you name in 5 minutes? We're looking at 1988-2009, which means every top pick after the belle of the 1987 ball, Vinny Testaverde. You can enter first and last names, or just last names (except when brothers are involved).

Hint #1: This list includes 12 quarterbacks, five defensive linemen, two offensive tackles, and one running back, wide receiver and linebacker. Hint #2: For Russell Maryland, just enter 'Maryland.' That's your free space.

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Name the NFL's Last 22 #1 Picks
Aundray Bruce|Bruce
Troy Aikman|Aikman
Jeff George|George
R. Maryland|Maryland
Steve Emtman|Emtman
Drew Bledsoe|Bledsoe
Dan Wilkinson|Wilkinson
Ki-Jana Carter|Kijana Carter|Ki Jana Carter|Carter
Keyshawn Johnson|Johnson|Key Johnson
Orlando Pace|Pace
Peyton Manning|P. Manning|P Manning
Tim Couch|Couch
Courtney Brown|Brown
Michael Vick|Vick|Mike Vick
David Carr|Carr
Carson Palmer|Palmer
Eli Manning|E. Manning|E Manning
Alex Smith|Smith
Mario Williams|Williams
JaMarcus Russell|Russell|Ja-Marcus Russell|Ja Marcus Russell
Jake Long|Long
Matthew Stafford|Stafford