A Nickelodeon Quiz

Half the fun of Nickelodeon was tuning in to find out what those kooky producers could dream up next. How often did you tune in?

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In 1979, Nickelodeon launched a Sesame Street-esque children's variety show that filled a mind-boggling five hours of programming time per day. What was the name of the show?
Turkey Television
Big House Blues
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In 1988, a late-night style Nickelodeon showed called Don't Just Sit There helped catapult which of the following music acts to nearly-unimaginable heights of super-stardom?
New Kids on the Block
Debbie Gibson
Vanilla Ice
Boys II Men
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In 1983, Nickelodeon presented Mr. Wizard's World to children across the nation, reanimating a long-latent interest in science among youngsters. What was Mr. Wizard's real name?
Don Herbert
Don Imus
Don Ames
Don Knotts
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What was the name of the grossly caricatured "Soviet" newscaster on the early-80s Nickelodeon show Turkey Television?
Dmitri Spinewsky
Ivan Tellalie
Fyodor Distortsky
Nicoli Volkoff
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Which female rocker was BY FAR the most successful You Can't Do That on Television alumnus?
Sheryl Crow
Toni Braxton
Alanis Morissette
Mary J. Blige
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If you were a cast member of You Can't Do That On Television, you had to be ever-leery and vigilant of which two things being dumped on your head?
Green slime and water
Green paint and water
Green slime and red paint
Green slime and blue paint
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From 1987-1989 the Nickelodeon Network ran a flimsily conceived "game show" that had children first figuring out picture puzzles, then rifling through messy rooms in search of a key. What was the name of the show?
Scavenger Hunt
Clever Cleaners
A Shot in the Dark
Finders Keepers
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The Nickelodeon Network, perhaps in a commendable bid to get children interested in issues of law and justice, created a show called Kid's Court. On the show, how was the final verdict rendered?
A CGI hologram prefect
A teacher
A giant eagle-puppet judge
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The show referenced in the previous question featured a recurring skit where Bill Cosby would draw simple pictures on a board with a pen that made strange noises. What was the name of the skit?
Kids Draw the Darndest Things
Picture Pages
Daily Draw
Feel Art Again
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Double Dare, the show responsible for making the phrase "physical challenge" part of the national lexicon, was anchored by which host-extraordinaire?
Tom Bergeron
Shadoe Stevens
Chuck Woolery
Marc Summers