Name the World Series Champs, 1980-1989

From 1980-1989, only one team won multiple championships. Can you name the nine teams that won the World Series in that span?

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Name the World Series Champs, 1980-1989
Oakland Athletics (1989, def. San Francisco 4-0)|A's|As|Athletics|Oakland|Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Dodgers (1988, def. Oakland 4-1; 1981, def. NY Yankees 4-2)|Dodgers|Los Angeles|L.A. Dodgers|LA Dodgers|Los Angeles Dodgers
Minnesota Twins (1987, def. St. Louis 4-3)|Twins|Minnesota|Minnesota Twins
New York Mets (1986, def. Boston 4-3)|NY Mets|Mets|Metropolitans|New York Metropolitans|New York Mets
Kansas City Royals (1985, def. St. Louis 4-3)|KC Royals|Kansas City|Royals|K.C. Royals|Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers (1984, def. San Diego 4-1)|Detroit|Tigers|Detroit Tigers
Baltimore Orioles (1983, def. Philadelphia 4-1)|Baltimore|Orioles|Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals (1982, def. Milwaukee 4-3)|Cardinals|St. Louis|St Louis|Saint Louis|Cards|St. Louis Cardinals
Philadelphia Phillies (1980, def. Kansas City 4-2)|Phillies|Philadelphia|Philadelphia Phillies