A '30 Rock' Quiz

The season finale of 30 Rock airs tonight, so we decided to bid a fond farewell to yet another fantastic series of episodes. Take the quiz, then let us know how you did.

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Who does Jack sign on to endorse the "Tracy Jordan Meat Machine" after Tracy balks at sponsoring a defective product?
Rosie O'Donnell
Barbara Walters
Whoopi Goldberg
Star Jones
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What is Tracy's vanity plate?
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Jenna gains a considerable amount of weight while starring on Broadway. What show was she performing?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical
Mystic Pizza: The Musical
Porky's: The Musical
Fried Green Tomatoes: The Musical
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To which woman has Jack Donaghy not been romantically linked?
Condoleezza Rice
Maureen Dowd
Greta Van Susteren
Arianna Huffington
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Earlier this season, uber-conservative network executive Jack Donaghy had an ill-fated relationship with a progressively liberal Congresswoman named Celeste "C.C." Cunningham. Which actress portrayed "C.C."?
Judith Light
Emily Mortimer
Isabella Rossellini
Edie Falco
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A recent episode featured an NBC reality show called MILF Island. Where did the salacious contestants of this show gather in a last-ditch effort to curry the favor of the panel of adolescent judges?
Erection Cove
Puberty Point
Excitement Isthmus
Arousal Harbor
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What are the names of the two main members of Tracy Jordan's entourage?
Sugar and Spice
Grizz and Dot Com
Kray-z and Jacko
B-Real and T-Bone
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What does the acronym TGS (the fictional show produced in 30 Rock) stand for?
The Great Show
The Girlie Show
The Goofy Show
The letters never stood for anything
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In the product placement-themed episode, writer's assistant Cerie insists that she only dates men who drink which beverage?
Red Bull
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Which nearly obsolescent business does Liz Lemon's on-again, off-again deadbeat boyfriend Dennis Duffy decide to invest in during the show's first season?
VCR repairs
Harmonica distribution
Y2K de-bugging
Beeper sales
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When Renaissance-man/NBC page Kenneth's pitch for a Deal or No Deal-esque show called Gold Case is accepted by Jack, which celebrity's shoulder does Mr. Donaghy tap to host the show?
John McEnroe
Keith Olbermann
Bob Costas
Mike Francesa
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During NBC's "Green Week," parent company General Electric forced TGS to integrate an eco-friendly mascot. The mascot, played by David Schwimmer, ends up infuriating cast and crew members alike with his impassioned, ego-maniacal dogmatism. What's the mascot's name?
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What does Jack collect?
Gulf War trading cards
Cookie jars
Sugar packets
Flag pins