The Sports Media Suspension Quiz

Every now and again, a sportswriter or announcer or TV host earns a little time in the penalty box. The following questions are about members of the media who were warned, suspended, fired or forced to resign. Do you remember what they did to deserve this fate?

[Thanks to researcher Kathleen Pierce and general sports media junkie Josh Evans for helping us put this together.]

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Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe was suspended for a month without pay after saying that someone needed to "smack" the wife of which NBA player?
Kobe Bryant
Doug Christie
Jason Kidd
Vin Baker
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ESPN suspended Rick Sutcliffe after a drunken guest appearance with San Diego Padres announcers Mark Grant and Matt Vasgersian. Which Hollywood celebrity had Sutcliffe been golfing/drinking with beforehand?
George Clooney
Bill Murray
Kiefer Sutherland
Ben Affleck
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After which incident did FOX fire Steve Lyons?
Joking that Yankee catcher Sal Fasano had mob connections
Questioning Shawn Green's devotion to Judaism
Mocking the Japanese journalists covering baseball
Making a comment about Lou Piniella's Hispanic heritage
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In 2006, this ballplayer-turned-announcer was reprimanded (but not suspended) for these comments during a game: "Who is the girl in the dugout, with the long hair? What's going on here? You have got to be kidding me. Only player personnel in the dugout."
Paul O'Neill
Keith Hernandez
Mark Grace
Eric Karros
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In a 2006 interview with The Big Lead that would ultimately lead to his exit from ESPN, former Page 2 writer Jason Whitlock famously called Scoop Jackson "a clown." Which other ESPN personality did Whitlock disparage?
Mike Lupica
Chris Berman
Dan Patrick
Bill Simmons
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Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder was fired from CBS Sports after making racist comments. Everybody knows this. So let's ask another question—according to his autobiography, on which election did The Greek win $170,000?
Truman over Dewey (1948)
Kennedy over Nixon (1960)
Carter over Ford (1976)
Reagan over Mondale (1984)
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In 2006, ESPN analyst Michael Irvin was forced to apologize after saying a certain NFL quarterback's athletic ability must be the result of an African-American heritage. About which QB did Irvin make these remarks?
Steve Young
Tony Romo
J.P. Losman
Jeff Garcia
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In 1983, Howard Cosell was widely criticized for using the phrase "look at that little monkey run" during a telecast. Which sport was Cosell calling at the time?
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Marv Albert was fired by NBC in 1997 after pleading guilty to assault and battery ("rough sex," as Marv called it). Which of the following details came up during the trial?
Marv and his accuser were really into phone sex
Marv and his accuser were really into threesomes
Marv enjoyed wearing women's underwear
All of the above