Seinfeld Guest Stars

The Seinfeld finale aired 15 years ago today! Since 1998, many guest stars have gone on to rather impressive careers of their own. Today's quiz asks you to match the actor to the Seinfeld character he or she portrayed.

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Before Jack & Jill and Studio 60, Amanda Peet played...
...Lena, the girl whose name Jerry got from an AIDS Walk list
...Linette, Jerry's girlfriend who was living with a "dude" during the Summer of George
...Karen, one of the girls Kramer & Mickey fought over
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Before The Practice and Boston Legal, James Spader played...
...Jimmy, who constantly referred to himself in the third person
...Jason Hanke, a recovering substance abuser who George thinks owes him an apology
...Joel Rifkin, Elaine's boyfriend who shares a name with a serial killer
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Before Saturday Night Live, Chris Parnell played...
...Stu Crespi, the NBC executive who wanted "to be in the Kenny Bania business"
...Phil, the neighbor whose bird Kramer inadvertently kills
...Tor Eckman, the holistic healer who turned George purple
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Before Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett played...
...Gary Fogel, the guy who didn't really have cancer
...Tony, the obsessive mechanic who stole Jerry's Saab
...Elaine's boyfriend Jack ("The Wiz")
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Before Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross played...
...Peggy, the J. Peterman employee who thought Elaine's name was Susie
...Sandi Robbins, the woman who played Elaine on Jerry
...Dr. Sara Sitarides (Pimple Popper M.D.)
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Before Will & Grace, Megan Mullally played...
...Betsy, the woman George accompanied to a family funeral in Detroit
...Noreen, a friend of Elaine's who dated the high talker
Carol, the woman whose baby the gang went to see in the Hamptons
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Before Entourage, Jeremy Piven played...
...Eric, the clown George pushed out of the way (along with the women and children) during a fire
...Mike, the guy who called Jerry "a big phony."
...Michael Barth, the guy who played George in Jerry
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Before Sex and the City, Kristin Davis played...
...Sidra, Jerry's girlfriend whose breasts were real and spectacular
...Jenna, the girl whose toothbrush Jerry knocked into the toilet
...Meryl, the woman Jerry pretended was his wife to get a discount on dry cleaning
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Before Sports Night, Six Feet Under, Dirty Sexy Money, and Parenthood, Peter Krause played...
...Tim, a big fan of Donald O'Brien (the Aryan Union leader and author of The Big Game)
...Billy, Elaine's sponge-worthy boyfriend
...Dr. Tim Watley
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Before The Shield, Michael Chiklis played...
...Mel, the Bubble Boy's father
...Barry, a video store clerk
...Steve, who hosted a party in Long Island at which Jerry and Elaine were stranded