New York's Playground: The Coney Island Quiz

Today marks the 81st anniversary of the opening of the Cyclone, one of the world's most famous roller coasters. In honor of that coaster, here are 12 questions about Coney Island. How well do you know New York's Playground?

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What is the height of the Cyclone’s first drop, also the highest point on the coaster?
40 feet
65 feet
85 feet
101 feet
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Name this Coney Island sideshow performer.
Donny Vomit
The Great Fredini
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How long did Richard Rodriguez ride the Cyclone during his 1977 world record-breaking marathon roller coaster ride?
56 hours
91 hours
104 hours
145 hours
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Sideshow performer Ruby Rodriguez, better known as Satina the snake enchantress, was featured in what Bruce Springsteen video?
Born to Run
Pink Cadillac
Dancing in the Dark
Tunnel of Love
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Christopher Feucht built the Drop the Dips ride on Coney Island, one of the more popular roller coasters of its day. But Feucht’s real legacy is another of his Coney Island creations that lives on to this day. What was it?
Buns for hot dogs
The rotor
Lap bars for roller coasters
The Guess Your Height/Age/Weight booth
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What minor league baseball team plays at KeySpan Park on Coney Island?
Coney Island Sluggers
Brooklyn Cyclones
New York Freaks
Brooklyn Coneys
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William F. Mangels built a particularly fast carousel at the entrance to Luna Park. What really set the ride apart, though, was the unusual spelling of the name. How did Mangels (mis)spell it?
B & B Carrousel
B & B Karousel
B & B Care-O-Cell
B & B Carousell
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Which Woody Allen movie showed Allen living under the Thunderbolt roller coaster as a child?
Annie Hall
Love and Death
Radio Days
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John Y McKane, who ran Coney Island in its early years, was notorious for allowing prostitution and other vices on the island, believing them to be necessary for its continued existence. His reign ended with a sentence in Sing-Sing for what charge, among others?
Election fraud
First-degree murder
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According to a famous Coney Island legend, in 1948 a coal miner who suffered from aphonia took a ride on the Cyclone, then spoke his first words as the ride ended. What did he allegedly say?
"That was it?"
"I feel sick."
"Let's go again!"
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Dreamland, one of Coney Island’s more extravagant parks, was famous for it’s grand-scale recreations of historical events. For example, park organizers shipped in hundreds of war veterans from Johannesburg to relive the Boer War in a stadium. Which of these disasters did Dreamland not attempt to recreate?
The San Francisco Earthquake
The Great Chicago Fire
The eruption of Vesuvius
The Galveston Flood
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Who is the defending champion of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, having broken the world record by eating 66 hot dogs in 2007?
"Crazy Legs" Conti
Tim Janus
Takeru Kobayashi
Joey Chestnut