Who Played (Doctor) Who?

In the 45-year history of the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who, ten different actors have played The Doctor (not counting big-screen movies, one-off charity specials, stage shows or audio dramas). Can you name all ten before time runs out? (Actors' last names only.)

[Hint: We'll give you two of them. Tom Baker & Colin Baker. They're not related. For these two, you'll have to enter their first and last names.]

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Who Played (Doctor) Who?
William Hartnell|Hartnell|Will Hartnell
Patrick Troughton|Troughton|Pat Troughton
Jon Pertwee|Pertwee
Tom Baker|T. Baker|T Baker|Thomas Baker
Peter Davison|Davison|Pete Davison
Colin Baker|C. Baker|C Baker
Sylvester McCoy|McCoy
Paul McGann|McGann
Christopher Eccleston|Eccleston|Chris Eccleston
David Tennant|Tennant|Dave Tennant