Name the Original "Seven Sisters" Schools

In 1927, the term "Seven Sisters" was applied to 7 prestigious all-women colleges that paralleled the all-men schools of the Ivy League. How well do you know those original Seven Sisters? You've got 3 minutes to name them all.

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Name the Original "Seven Sisters" Schools
Barnard College|Barnard
Bryn Mawr College|Bryn Mawr
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary|Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary|Mt. Holyoke College|Mount Holyoke College|Mt. Holyoke|Mount Holyoke|Mt Holyoke Female Seminary|Mt Holyoke College|Mt Holyoke
Radcliffe College|Radcliffe|The Harvard Annex|Harvard Annex
Smith College|Smith
Vassar College|Vassar
Wellesley College|Wellesley